Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rick Rack Medallion Card

Philip is gone for the weekend to a Walk to Emmaus retreat. He asked me to make him some cards, and this is one of the ones I made him. He seemed to really like them. I used a medallion stamp from the new Posh Asian set and layered it on circles I punched out with Marvy punches. I then took some decorative zigzag scissors and cut out the "rick rack" and then intertwined them to make the borders. I like the simplicity of the card. Works well for a "manly" type card, I think.

I have been doing better with my weight loss this week. I have lost 143 pounds so far. My sweet daughter, Katy, told me that I was not getting enough protein. She said that would make my weight come off slower. So I started doing my protein shakes like I should have been doing all along, and I believe she must be right. I still get sick some, but not as much as I did before. I have a doctor's appointment on Sept. 9. That will be 3 months post op. I lost 100 pounds 6 months before the surgery and 43 pounds so far since the surgery. Not too bad. I am certainly not skinny yet! I am working on it, though!!

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  1. Laela, I love the way you used the ric
    rak and it is a mandly card. We need more of those,