Friday, January 1, 2010


2010! My goodness. How fast the years pass. They go faster as you get older I have discovered. As I promised you and myself, new year's resolutions are the first thing on this blog this year. I did not say I would be successful in doing the things, but I do vow to try very hard to accomplish what I start. Here we go.

1. Keep a positive attitude. I do that one every year I think.

2. Stay on my new diet. I've lost 39 pounds so far.

3. Have weight loss surgery as soon as Dr. will do it.

4. Visit my daughter in Pennsylvania. (they have not even moved there yet, but it's coming!)

5. Be a better wife.

6. keep my house cleaner.

7. Save some money!

8. Complete Katy's wedding scrapbook.

9. learn to use my Cricut machine better.

10. Be much more active. Watch less TV, exercise more, get out of the house more, get outside more.

Well that's enough for one year. Too many and I set myself up for failure! Don't want to do that.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year with all the best of everything!

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