Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cute cards!

I made these cute cards (at least I think they are cute) using a new set of stamps from Posh Impressions. I have recently been asked to design some cards for them to use in conjunction with the debut of their line of stamps at a new company! I am really excited. These stamps are so cute. I think my grand children, Abigail, Hannah and Dillon will love them. Abby and Dillon are great stampers. Hannah is too young to do it yet, but I have high hopes!

The first card uses glossy white with the images stamped with Blending Blox ink. I layered the card using a tropical blue card then a gold piece of card stock that I ran through my lovely little cuttlebug machine. The second card has same elements, but directly onto a plain card. I did some of the color work with Marvy markers directly onto the stamp and then to the paper after huffing on the stamp to re-moisten the ink.

I am feeling some better this afternoon. My body does not want to co-operate with my mind! I want so badly to get busy and do things that need to be done. Slowly, but surely, I will get it all done!

I am anticipating the arrival of a shipment of yarn to create a baby blanket for, Kellie, my Daughter-in-law's sister. It is not your usual baby blue and pink, it is vibrant and bright. I hope the little fellow likes it. At least I hope his mama likes it. The baby is not due for a few weeks, so maybe I'll get it done quickly. I'll show you when I get it.


  1. These are wonderful cards! I really like the dino set, and like you think it can also be used for cards for adults. Love the colors you used, too.

  2. I love these! Ben is way into Dino's right now so if you want to make one for his birthday, I won't object =)

  3. Thanks, guys. I'll make one for Ben.