Friday, October 23, 2009

Ben and Logan

These two charming fellows are Ben and Logan Metler. They are my friend Gayle's grand sons. They are modeling the socks that I knitted for them a while back. They were very proud of them as you can see. Not too long ago, Ben informed me that he had lost his and needed me to make him another pair. This time could he please have "geen" ones. After so sweet a request, I need to go find Ben some geen yarn and get busy!

Ben is the youngest. Some of you will remember when I asked for prayer for the little boy that broke his hip. That was Ben. He is fine now. I have never seen such energy in one small body! He and his brother had birthdays last week. The party at the park was a great success. Lots of cake, lots of presents and lots of people. There were some kids that showed up that no one even knew! Go figure. That young and so popular!

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  1. How fun to see their cute faces after hearing about them. Nice socks, too! ;-)