Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Grand Children

These are my grand babies in order of acquisition. Top pic is Abigail who is five years old. She is a big school girl and gets green smiley faces for being good. This pic shows her first tooth loss. She loves to stamp and spray colors and ride the Nana Chair (my wheelchair).

The next precious and precocious child is Hannah. She is two. She has recently had a broken leg. Her cast is off and she is allowed to walk, but won't. She's not ready. When she's ready I guess she will.

The next handsome fellow is Dillon. He is eight and he became ours when my daughter, Katherine, married his dad, Darin, when Hannah was a baby. He used to love Thomas the Train, but has outgrown Thomas and friends. He does, however, love Leggos. He can make anything with them. I never have seen such a thing.

Abby and Hannah belong to my son, Andrew, and his wife, Stacie. All my kids live in the same town, for now, and it makes it nice to go visit. Soon Katy and Darin will go to Pennsylvania to live, after he gets out of the Air Force.

Just thought you would like to meet my family. I'll put MY kids and my husband up another time. This time was for little kids. You can tell I am a very proud Nana! They are the sunshine of my life. I am pretty sure they like me, too.


  1. After hearing so much about them all, what a delight to see their sweet faces! They are all just beautiful. You are a lucky Nana, and they are very lucky to have you.

  2. Thanks, Amy. I'm very proud of them!